Vista Series means innovations! V400 and V420 models are very assertive to be the most popular models in Vista Series! V400 has round type of posts but short. Each post for glass railing is 60cm. You can use one post between each glass or you can use one post in every two glasses0. The glasses are also fixed between handrail and bottom profile. The shortness of the posts are providing unlimited view when you are sitting on your chair.

V400 is also used for glass partiations. The posts are also produced in 100 cm height and 150 cm height. You can fix high glasses with high posts. It has two types of ground fixings which are fixing with base plate with long concrete screws or long anchorage iron. The glass thickness is 4+4 in V400 series! Elegant, sturdy and cost friendly system, V400.

  • 60 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm Post Options
  • 4+4 Laminated and Tempered Glass use
  • Ready Product
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost Friendly
Vista 400